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Welcome to Reels Rockstars!

Are you frustrated that your content is falling flat on Instagram?  Struggling to attract followers and don't want to sing and dance? Not sure why your content isn't getting any traction or bringing in business?


We're Andie and Kirsty and we’ve helped over 1000 accounts over the last two years to use Instagram Reels to take their accounts to a whole new level. 

And now we're here to help you!

Over the last two years we’ve hosted In-person Reels Workshops across the UK teaching businesses (both big and small), lifestyle bloggers, high street brands and celebrities how to master reels.  

After lots of requests, we took that experience online so we could help accounts no matter where in the world they were based with our first Online Reels Course which sold out in days!  


Then  last year we rolled out our Reels Rockstar Membership to help our students who were creating reels (but didn’t want to spend hours searching for the latest trends) with a brilliant membership to save them time and energy!


Reels work for all accounts (we’ve worked with every type of business from ceramic artists to charities to high street retailers and therapists) - you just need to know how to create them and how to use them strategically. 


Which is what makes us different! 

You can pick up video editing tips and tricks in lots of places and there are lots of Instagram coaches around, but by bringing those skills together we can help you use reels to take your Instagram to a whole new level.    


We are a one-stop shop for all your reels needs - come and learn with us and let’s turn you into a Reels Rockstar! 


About Us

Our unique combination of experience in PR, communications and video production means that we are perfectly placed to teach you not only the strategy behind great content, but how to actually film and edit it too.

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“I cannot believe that I've gone from 2,000 followers to over 107,000 since signing up to your monthly membership. Its totally taken my business to the next level”

Wendy @reclaim.movement

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