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Online Reels Course

1st July to 12th July 2024

If your engagement has suddenly fallen off a cliff and the content that used to resonate with your community is no longer cutting it. Our Advanced Online Reels Course can help. 

Any of this sound familiar?

Instagram has changed...

  • I’m making reels but not growing my following

  • Some of my reels just bomb and I don’t know why?

  • Creating reels is taking a long time for little reward

  • I’m not sure what trends work for my brand

  • I want to know how to create cool transitions

  • How do I film and edit more professionally?

  • I’m worried about poor content leading to a disjointed brand image

  • Instagram is not converting into sales

Our Advanced Online Reels Course can help!

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Stop struggling

Here's how we can help

Using our knowledge of video and PR, we have each built our own successful, profitable businesses using the power of Instagram. We've enjoyed it so much that we want to share all our secrets on how we've done it with you! 

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How does the course work?

Step by step written lessons are delivered to your inbox every Monday with easy to follow instructions and real-life examples of reels to study.

Easy to watch video tutorials that you can follow along with at home.

More than just tactics, our courses help you create a strategy that works for YOUR account.

RR Beginner Course Information Pack

Run on a platform called Teachable that you can access easily from your ipad or computer.

And you'll have weekly homework to put what you're learning into practice.

Our Advanced Online Reels course features in-depth strategy advice and high level transitions to help stop your customers scrolling in their tracks

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Secure your place on our Advanced Online Reels Course starting 1st July for only £295

Here's what you'll learn


How to master the art of stop motion animation and how it can help

Use InShot editing software to create next level transitions  and effects

The inside scope on reels remixes, reels replies and collaborations

Understanding your insights and what content speaks to your customers

How to finetune your hooks and calls to action to stop people scrolling

Next level text and graphics editing


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Sophie Robinson


Reels Rockstars are responsible for making more fall in love with Instagram again. I've loved learning something new and my audience are responding brilliantly to the content that I share...their enthusiasm is infectious!

Don't just take our word for it!

Simple online platform and supportive community

We all know that taking yourself out of your comfort zone and up a gear can be daunting. Our easy to follow course is supported by a private Facebook group featuring weekly lives Q&A's, constructive feedback and community support.

  • 😳 Yikes! I’ve never made a reel before, will the Beginners Course teach me everything I need to get started?
    Yes and if you aren’t making them yet, it’s time to get going!  If you’ve been putting reels off and you’ve never made a reel before we’ll have you creating them by the end of the course.  And you’ll have access to all the tutorials for six months so that you can go back and rewatch them whenever you like.
  • 🙈 I don’t want to show my face on reels so does that mean the course won’t work for me?
    Definitely not!  Whether you are in the Beginner or Advanced course, showing your face is not essential. We have coached lots of businesses and accounts that for lots of reasons don’t want to, or can’t, show their faces in their reels. We share lots of techniques and styles of reels that work without you appearing in them and there are lots of examples for you to try.
  • ​💃🏻 Do I have to dance like you two on my reels?
    No - unless you want to! One of the most important parts of both the Beginner and Advance Courses will be helping you to figure out what reels work for you.  No two accounts are the same and you should make reels that work for your audience.  No dancing required!
  • ⏰ How much time will it take up each week?
    You can work through the course in about 1.5 hours per week if you race through it and there will be one LIVE session each week where we answer all your questions and reels dilemmas.  But on top of that we set homework for you and there are optional daily reels challenges for you to implement what you’ve learned.  You will have access to the course for 6 months from the day it starts so you can go back and rewatch any of the tutorials anytime before then.
  • 🚨 Are there live parts of the course I need to fit in my week?
    ​We hold one live session each week for the duration of the 2 week courses which lasts one hour.   Here are the dates: Beginner: Thursday 20th June at 10am-11am BST Thursday 27th June at 10am-11am BST Advanced: Wednesday 3rd July at 10am-11am BST Wednesday 10th July at 10am-11am BST We record every session so don’t worry if you can’t make it.  Don't worry if you're not in the UK, all the sessions will be recorded.
  • 🤷🏻‍♀️ What will reels really do for my business?
    ​If you want to grow your followers there is no quicker way to do it.  Reels are here to stay and Instagram’s focus on short form video content is not going to change so stop putting it off and why not get ahead of the competition?
  • ✅ Will reels work for my space?​
    ​Yes! Whether you sell products or a service or your account is your brand reels will work for you. We’ve worked with every type of account you can imagine from garden designers and lifestyle influencers to ceramics businesses and fashion retailers.  Reels work for EVERY ACCOUNT but where we can help is advising you on the types of reels that will work best in your space.
  • 📅 When does the course start and how long does it run for?
    ​Beginners Course Starts on Monday 17th June and runs for two weeks. Advanced Course Starts on Monday 1st July and runs for two weeks.
  •  ​🎥 Do I need to buy lots of expensive equipment?​
    ​No! You will need your phone and its camera and ideally a tripod, but that’s not necessary. We will send you a list of the equipment we recommend before the course starts but you don’t need to spend lots of money to make reels!
  • 📚 What will the courses cover and how will I access them?
    ​The Beginner Course covers everything you need to start making reels plus and start practising techniques that will prepare you for The Advanced Course.  You will have an email on the Monday of each week giving you access to all the materials on a platform called Teachable. There will be a mixture of written lessons, infographics, case studies and video tutorials.  ​The Advanced Course starts with a bang and gets you right into creating a strategy and more advanced reel making techniques. You will have an email on the Monday of each week giving you access to all the materials on a platform called Teachable. There will be a mixture of written lessons, infographics, case studies and video tutorials. 
  • 🙋‍♀️ I’m already in your Reels Rockstar Membership, will this course teach me something new?
    ​If you are a Reels Rockstar Member you will likely already have the skills to go straight into our Advanced Course. Some of the tips we’ve shared about tools like InShot you might know already from the membership, but the course will really help you consolidate all you’ve picked up in the community and weekly tutorials and help you build a strategy.
  • 📌 What if I can’t join the course live ?
    ​It’s better if you can follow along with the course live if you can as there will be daily and weekly challenges and you will have the support of your fellow students in a private Facebook Group, but if you can’t make the dates you will still have all the material to follow along at your own pace for six months.
  • 💰 How much do the courses cost and can I join from abroad?​
    Each course costs £295, but if you want to do both then you can save £100 by signing up to our bundle for £490 instead of £590. Yes you can join from abroad - we’ve had students from as far as New Zealand and the US join previous cohorts.  Sometimes there are differences in access to trending audios but the lessons and principles we teach work in different countries outside the UK. And if you're in a different time-zone which means our LIVE sessions are difficult to join at the time, they are all recorded for you to catch up with later.
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