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Reel Rockstars Online Course

Our first Online Reels Course of 2024 is now finished (we were bowled over to totally sell out with nearly 300 fabulous students joining us) but if you missed out this time, please don't worry! We will be running another course later in the year.


Sign up to the mailing list below and follow our Instagram accounts to make sure you are first in the queue when our next course is open. 


Join us next time for our step by step video tutorials, written lessons, case studies, interactive homework, live masterclasses and daily reels challenges that will help you make 2024 the year you take your Instagram account to the next level! 

"The reels course was brilliant for me as I was completely daunted about it all and about getting it right! Kirsty and Andie broke it all down to very simple steps and gave us challenges to work on which was great as it made sure I practiced in between the sessions. Plus it was a lot of fun, they gave us so many tips, and with reels looking set to stay, it's a really useful programme to grow your audience and actually enjoy producing this kind of content."

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How do I join and how does it work?

You have access to our courses for six months and lifetime access to our Facebook Group.  The course is delivered on a platform called Teachable that is super easy to use.  

Wondering if it's for you? 


Check out our frequently asked questions

✌️I’m already making reels is this course just too basic for me?

The course works for all levels!  The first week takes you through the fundamentals of how to create a reel and the types of reels that you need to focus on for your audience. This is a critical step lots of people skip!  In the second week we take it up a level and teach you how to create a reel, plus all our short cuts for editing and tips to create scroll-stopping transitions so that you can speed up your reel-making process.  And the final week is when we really push our rockstars by getting you to think strategically and make reels that help you grow your account or drive sales.  There’s something for everyone, especially as the reels technology changes so fast. 


😳 Yikes! I’ve never made a reel before, will this teach me everything I need to get started?

Yes and if you aren’t making them yet, it’s time to get going!  If you’ve been putting reels off and you’ve never made a reel before we’ll have you creating them by the end of the course.  And you’ll have access to all the tutorials for six months so that you can go back and rewatch them whenever you like. 


🙈 I don’t want to show my face on reels so does that mean the course won’t work for me?

Definitely not!  We have coached lots of businesses and accounts that for lots of reasons don’t want to, or can’t, show their faces in their reels. We share lots of techniques and styles of reels that work without you appearing in them and there are lots of examples for you to try. 


💃🏻 Do I have to dance like you two on my reels?

No - unless you want to! One of the most important parts of the course will be helping you to figure out what reels work for you.  No two accounts are the same and you should make reels that work for your audience.  No dancing required! 


⏰ How much time will it take up each week?

You can work through the course in about 1.5 hours per week if you race through it and there will be a weekly LIVE session where we answer all your questions and reels dilemmas..  But on top of that we set homework for you and there areoptional daily reels challenges for you to implement what you’ve learned.  You will have access to the course for 6 months from the day it starts so you can go back and rewatch any of the tutorials anytime before then. 


🚨 Are there live parts of the course I need to fit in my week?

We hold weekly live sessions for the duration of the course which last one hour.  We record every session so don’t worry if you can’t make it.  Don't worry if you're not in the UK, all the sessions will be recorded. 


🤷🏻‍♀️ What will reels really do for my business? 

If you want to grow your followers there is no quicker way to do it.  Reels are here to stay and Instagram’s focus on short form video content is not going to change so stop putting it off and why not get ahead of the competition? 


✅ Will reels work for my space?

Yes! Whether you sell products or a service or your account is your brand reels will work for you.  We’ve worked with every type of account you can imagine from garden designers and lifestyle influencers to ceramics businesses and fashion retailers.  Reels work for EVERY ACCOUNT but where we can help is advising you on the types of reels that will work best in your space. 


📅 When do your next courses start and how long do they run for?

Our next courses will be running later on this summer. 

🎥 Do I need to buy lots of expensive equipment?

No! You will need your phone and its camera and ideally a tripod, but that’s not necessary. We will send you a list of the equipment we recommend before the course starts but you don’t need to spend lots of money to make reels! 


📚 What do your courses cover and how will I access them?

The courses cover everything you need to start making reels plus all you need to take them to the next level.  You will have an email on the Monday of each week giving you access to all the materials on a platform called Teachable. The will be a mixture of written lessons, infographics, case studies and video tutorials. 


🙋‍♀️ I’m already in your Reels Rockstar Membership, will this course teach me something new?

Yes!  Our courses are a step by step guide to creating reels from the very beginning. Some of the tips we’ve shared about tools like InShot you might know already but the course will really help you consolidate all you’ve picked up in the membership. 

📌 What if I can’t join the course live when you run it again?

It’s better if you can follow along with the course live if you can as there will be daily and weekly challenges and you will have the support of your fellow students in a private Facebook Group, but if you can’t make the dates you will still have all the material to follow along at your own pace for six months.  


Sasha from Lords Fragrance House


"I cannot recommend this reels course enough. | went from being so nervous to talk on Instagram, or be creative with video and the skills I learnt gave me the confidence to do it. It also took the pressure off so I could just enjoy it, as... that's what viewers want to see! You become part of an amazing supportive community that helps tackle daily imposter syndrome and confidence issues. As a small business owner, I really cannot recommend anything more highly!"

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