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Why Reels Rock!

Since Instagram rolled out its short form video format in 2020, Reels have become one of the most powerful ways to put you in front of new eyes on the platform. The days of simply posting beautiful photos on Instagram and growing your account that way are long gone.  In 2023 if you’re not making video content for your account it’s going to be very hard to grow your reach and profile.  


Reels have been absolutely game-changing for our businesses

Don't just take our word for it - look at the numbers...

  • Andie's Dahlia Beach Instagram account reached nearly 2 million accounts in the three months from August to October

  • the account has grown 30% in followers during these three months

  • on average Dahlia Beach reels have between 20-30k plays 

  • Kirsty's Rebuildagram account reached nearly 1 million accounts in August

  • this was 192% more than the previous month


We know it can feel intimidating to try something new that is outside of your comfort zone.

Accounts that are really smashing reels are the ones that have mastered filming and editing techniques but also, crucially, have a clear strategy for their reels to help achieve their goals - whether that’s more followers, more customers, better clients or great brand partnerships. 


You could figure out how to get your head around reels on your own, but why not speed up that process and come and learn how to master reels in just three weeks with us? 


We have trained over one thousand accounts in how to use Instagram reels both via in-person workshops and online courses and we would love to help you next! 


Lisa from Dahlia 1964

"I am a dinosaur on social media. I’m a beginner flower grower and want to be able share my story and connect with likeminded growers and future clients. Reels appeal because I feel more comfortable creating content based on my beginner grower knowledge and sharing my beautiful flowers. I learnt SO MUCH! I loved the breakdown of reel types and the stop motion session especially.  This course was for me! I loved it! I just need to find the courage and confidence again to actually create content. You are both such joyous people and I admire your creativity and energy. I aspire to have a little bit of that again.” Lisa @dahlia1964

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