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Reels Rockstar Membership
We will be opening up the Reels Rockstars Membership to new members in the new year as we're currently FULL! 

The Reels Rockstars Membership is perfect for people who know how to make a basic reel but are looking for inspiration and motivation when it comes to trends, transitions and tutorials on how to make them.

AND it costs just £299 for the entire year. Scroll down to find out more or join our  waitlist below so you don't miss out when we next open up places! 

Weekly Trend Tutorial


step by step video tutorial showing you how to create a trending reel, with all the instructions you need to film it yourself


Three Trending Audios

3 Reels Audio Tracks that are trending on Instagram so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling to find them


Trending Reel Examples


Examples of the latest trending reels with advice on how they could be adopted as part of your own strategy.

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Instagram Breaking News


We bring you the latest updates and best practises so you can ensure you're keeping ahead of the competition

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The Best Reels Templates


Short of time time when it comes to making reels? We share our favourite trending reels templates every week so all you need to do is drop your shots it and it syncs to the music automatically.


Private Community Group

Connect with like minded business in our private Facebook Group and help to support, encourage and motivate each other by offering feedback and sharing ideas.

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